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High-fashion maternity wear is redefining style for the modern mother-to-be, merging comfort with couture to create outfits that are as chic as they are functional. Gone are the days when pregnancy meant putting personal style on pause; today’s fashion landscape sees a burgeoning market that caters to women who want to maintain their sartorial flair throughout their pregnancy. From runway-inspired dresses to bespoke designer pieces, this article explores how high-fashion maternity brands are revolutionising the way expectant mothers dress, ensuring that every trimester is met with both elegance and ease.

Top Brands for High-Fashion Maternity Wear

Our top picks for high-fashion maternity wear include Smallshow, Tanming, Mother Bee, POSHDIVAH, and Kindred Bravely. These brands offer a range of stylish pregnancy attire for luxury-loving mothers-to-be.


We look for chic and comfortable options when we explore high-fashion maternity wear, and Smallshow stands out. They offer a stylish pregnancy wardrobe that doesn’t compromise on luxury or comfort, perfect for mothers-to-be who want to maintain their fashion-forward looks. With pieces designed from quality materials, every item from Smallshow ensures pregnant women feel elegant throughout their journey.

Smallshow’s range includes trendy tops and dresses that seamlessly blend with upscale maternity fashion trends. Their focus on creating graceful silhouettes means you can enjoy designer maternity wear that flatters your changing body while keeping up with high-end style standards. As we embrace the evolution of maternity clothing, Smallshow proves an excellent choice for those seeking exclusive attire without forsaking comfort or elegance.


Tanming offers a range of high-fashion maternity wear options that are both stylish and comfortable, catering to the needs of luxury-loving mothers-to-be. Their collection includes elegant dresses, chic tops, and trendy trousers made with high-quality materials and designed to flatter the changing body shape during pregnancy.

The brand’s commitment to providing fashionable maternity attire aligns with the growing demand for upscale pregnancy fashion. With Tanming, expect luxurious designs that prioritise both style and comfort.

For expecting mothers who prefer luxury in their wardrobe choices, Tanming stands out as a go-to brand for high-end maternity apparel. From sleek business suits to designer jeans, Tanming caters to those looking for sophisticated yet trendy pregnancy wear.

Mother Bee

Mother Bee is a go-to brand for luxury-loving mothers-to-be seeking high-fashion maternity wear. Their collection of elegant dresses, stylish tops, and chic pants are designed with premium materials to ensure both comfort and sophistication throughout pregnancy.

The brand’s attention to detail and commitment to quality makes their maternity clothing stand out in the market, appealing to those who prioritise upscale style during this special time.

For expecting mothers who value luxurious yet functional fashion, Mother Bee offers a range of trendy options that cater to their desire for high-end maternity attire. With an emphasis on quality and design, Mother Bee elevates the experience of dressing for pregnancy with fashionable pieces that exude elegance and modernity.


Luxury-loving mothers-to-be seeking high-end maternity fashion should consider exploring the exquisite offerings from – POSHDIVAH. Known for its elegant and chic pregnancy attire, – POSHDIVAH provides a range of stylish maternity dresses, designer jeans, and trendy tops made with high-quality materials.

The brand’s focus on fashion-forward maternity wear ensures that upscale mothers can maintain their sense of style throughout their pregnancy journey. For those interested in discovering luxury items like fashionable pregnancy attire, the next section delves into the best maternity dresses for luxury-loving mothers-to-be.

Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely creates luxury maternity wear that combines comfort and style, making it a top choice for upscale mothers-to-be. Their collection includes a range of high-quality dresses, pants, and tops designed to flatter expectant moms. The brand focuses on providing chic pregnancy clothing while also ensuring the highest level of comfort.

Their elegant maternity apparel is highly sought after by fashion-forward pregnant women who value both quality and style. Kindred Bravely’s commitment to offering trendy yet comfortable options has made them a staple in the world of high-end maternity fashion.

Best Maternity Dresses for Luxury-Loving Mothers-to-Be

When it comes to high-fashion maternity wear, these top brands offer the best selection of stylish dresses for luxury-loving mothers-to-be. From Ekouaer to Emilia George, these brands provide elegant and fashionable options for every occasion during pregnancy.


Ekouaer offers a range of stylish maternity dresses made from high-quality, comfortable fabrics that flatter the expectant mother’s body. The brand emphasises fashion-forward designs, ensuring luxury-loving mothers-to-be can maintain their sophisticated style throughout pregnancy. Ekouaer’s attention to detail and focus on elegance make it a go-to option for upscale mums seeking high-end maternity fashion.

The Maternity Style Guide 2023 from Net-a-Porter highlights Ekouaer as one of the top brands for fashionable pregnancy wear, emphasising its chic and exclusive maternity attire. Forbes Vetted has also endorsed Ekouaer for its quality and trendy designs in the realm of stylish pregnancy clothing, making it an ideal choice for those looking to invest in luxurious yet comfortable maternity apparel.


When seeking high-end maternity wear, HATCH is a must-know brand. Their collection offers chic and sophisticated clothing perfect for luxury-loving mothers-to-be. With a focus on timeless design and comfort, HATCH provides elegant options for dresses, tops, and loungewear that exude quality and style.

The brand’s commitment to using high-quality materials ensures that their garments are not only fashionable but also durable – making them worth the investment. Moving forward to “PinkBlush Maternity”, this brand has gained popularity for its trendy yet comfortable maternity dresses suitable for various occasions.

PinkBlush Maternity

When it comes to high-fashion maternity wear, PinkBlush Maternity is a go-to brand for expecting mothers who want to stay stylish and comfortable. With a focus on chic designs that cater to luxury-loving mums-to-be, PinkBlush offers an array of elegant dresses, trendy tops, and fashionable bottoms suitable for various occasions.

The brand’s commitment to quality materials and attention to detail ensures that their clothing not only looks fabulous but also feels great during pregnancy. Additionally, PinkBlush Maternity has been recognised by Forbes Vetted as a top choice for fashion-forward pregnant women, solidifying its position as a leader in the realm of luxury maternity apparel.

This popular label caters specifically to upscale mothers seeking high-end maternity fashion that seamlessly blends style with comfort. With an extensive collection of sophisticated options ranging from casual everyday wear to dressier outfits for special events, PinkBlush Maternity continues to meet the demands of luxury-loving mums-to-be who prioritise elegance and quality during their pregnancy journey.

Ingrid + Isabel

One of the top brands for high-fashion maternity wear is Ingrid + Isabel, known for its chic and elegant designs that cater to luxury-loving mothers-to-be. The brand offers a range of stylish pregnancy clothes, including trendy dresses, comfortable leggings, and fashionable tops made with high-quality materials.

Ingrid + Isabel’s maternity clothing is designed to flatter expectant mothers while providing both comfort and style during pregnancy.

In addition to their stylish offerings, Ingrid + Isabel has been recognised for its efforts to provide sustainable options in high-end maternity fashion. With a growing market for luxury maternity wear, the brand continues to innovate and deliver on the expectations of upscale mums looking for elegant and fashion-forward pregnancy wear.

Their commitment to quality and trendsetting designs makes them a go-to choice for mothers-to-be who prioritise luxury and style during pregnancy.

Emilia George

Transitioning from stylish maternity dresses, we move on to Emilia George, a brand known for its luxurious yet sustainable approach to maternity wear. Emilia George offers high-quality, chic maternity clothing made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled fabrics. This elevates the concept of pregnancy fashion with elegant designs that cater to luxury-loving mothers-to-be.

Emilia George’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious, high-end maternity fashion. Their range includes sophisticated dresses, comfortable tops, and versatile trousers designed for upscale mums who prioritise both style and environmental responsibility.

Must-Have Maternity Leggings

Discover the must-have maternity leggings that provide both style and comfort for luxury-loving mothers-to-be. From high-quality materials to stylish designs, these leggings are essential for any high-fashion maternity wardrobe.

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga offers a range of must-have maternity leggings for luxury-loving mothers-to-be. The brand’s high-quality materials and stylish designs provide the perfect combination of comfort and fashion-forward pregnancy wear.

As part of the growing market for high-fashion maternity wear, Beyond Yoga is worth considering for expecting mothers who prioritise luxury and style during their pregnancy journey. The fashion industry’s efforts to make maternity wear fashionable and sustainable have led to an array of options, including Beyond Yoga’s sleek, functional, and chic maternity leggings.


Transitioning from the comfortable maternity leggings of Beyond Yoga, let’s delve into Spacedye, another excellent option in high-fashion pregnancy wear. Created with a focus on both style and comfort, Spacedye maternity leggings are designed to provide expecting mothers with luxurious yet practical clothing options.

The unique blend of materials used in Spacedye leggings offers a stretchy and soft feel that adapts to your changing body shape throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Spacedye brings together fashion-forward design and premium quality to offer elegant and trendy options for luxury-loving mothers-to-be. Crafted with attention to detail, these maternity leggings are an ideal choice for those seeking chic pregnancy wear without compromising on comfort or style.


Storq offers high-quality and stylish maternity leggings for luxury-loving mothers-to-be. Their leggings are designed to provide comfort while maintaining a fashionable look, making them an essential addition to any upscale maternity wardrobe.

Storq’s maternity leggings are made from premium materials and feature a supportive belly band, allowing pregnant women to stay both comfortable and chic throughout their pregnancy.

The brand focuses on creating versatile pieces that can be easily styled for various occasions, catering to the fashion-forward pregnancy wear market. Storq’s commitment to producing quality and trendy maternity attire has positioned it as a go-to choice for expectant mothers who prioritise luxury and style during their pregnancy journey.


Lululemon, known for its high-quality activewear, offers a selection of maternity leggings that are both stylish and comfortable. The brand’s maternity leggings are designed to provide support and stretch as the body changes during pregnancy.

Lululemon also incorporates moisture-wicking fabric into their designs, ensuring that luxury-loving mothers-to-be can stay comfortable and fashionable while staying active during their pregnancy.

The versatile range of options from Lululemon makes it an excellent choice for upscale mothers seeking trendy and high-quality maternity wear. With a focus on quality materials and functional design, Lululemon caters to the needs of luxury-loving mums who prioritise style and comfort throughout their pregnancy journey.

Stylish Maternity Jeans

maternity wear

Look no further than Joe’s Jeans, Madewell, and Abercrombie & Fitch for the most stylish maternity jeans to keep you looking and feeling fabulous throughout your pregnancy. Read on to discover more high-fashion maternity wear options for luxury-loving mothers-to-be.

Joe’s Jeans

Joe’s Jeans offers a range of stylish and comfortable maternity jeans, perfect for luxury-loving mothers-to-be who want to maintain their fashion-forward sense during pregnancy. Their high-quality denim is designed to provide the utmost comfort and support while also flattering the changing body shape of expectant mothers.

With a variety of trendy cuts and washes, Joe’s Jeans ensures that pregnant women can continue to express their personal style with confidence. The brand has been recognised as a leader in providing fashionable maternity wear, offering sleek designs that are both chic and functional. The company’s attention to detail and commitment to quality make their maternity jeans a top choice for upscale mums looking for high-end pregnancy fashion options.


Madewell offers stylish maternity jeans made from high-quality, stretchy denim that provides both comfort and a flattering fit. These luxury maternity jeans are designed to accommodate a growing belly while maintaining the brand’s signature casual-chic style. The versatile range includes different washes and cuts, allowing luxury-loving mothers-to-be to find the perfect pair of fashion-forward maternity jeans for any occasion.

Madewell’s commitment to quality and style ensures that expectant mothers can enjoy trendy, high-end maternity wear that aligns with their upscale fashion preferences. These designer maternity jeans combine practicality with elegance, catering to the specific needs of luxury-loving moms-to-be who seek both comfort and sophistication during pregnancy.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch offers a range of stylish and comfortable maternity jeans suitable for luxury-loving mothers-to-be. The brand’s collection includes high-quality denim with stretchy panels designed to accommodate a growing baby bump while providing a fashionable fit.

Their trendy designs cater to upscale mums seeking chic and elegant pregnancy wear, making Abercrombie & Fitch an ideal choice for those prioritising both luxury and style during pregnancy.

The selection of maternity jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch aligns with the fashion industry’s efforts to make high-end maternity clothing not only stylish but also functional and comfortable.

Comfortable Maternity Underwear and Bras

maternity wear

When it comes to maternity underwear and bras, comfort is key. Brands like Lively and Cosabella offer luxurious yet comfortable options for expecting mothers who want to feel stylish and supported throughout their pregnancy.


Lively offers a stylish yet comfortable range of maternity underwear and bras for luxury-loving mothers-to-be. Made with high-quality materials, their designs are chic and supportive, providing the perfect blend of fashion and function during pregnancy.

With options ranging from everyday essentials to special occasion pieces, Lively caters to upscale mothers looking for elegant and trendy maternity undergarments. Transitioning from fashionable dresses to essential lingerie, expectant mothers can rely on Lively for stylish comfort throughout their pregnancy journey.


Cosabella offers a stylish range of comfortable maternity underwear and bras, perfect for luxury-loving mothers-to-be. The brand provides high-quality options that prioritise both style and comfort, catering to the needs of upscale mums who appreciate elegant pregnancy wear. With its chic designs and attention to detail, Cosabella’s maternity lingerie collection combines fashion-forward elements with luxurious fabrics, making it an ideal choice for those seeking high-end maternity fashion.

The luxury maternity wear from Cosabella presents a fashionable solution for expecting mothers looking for sophisticated undergarments that complement their upscale lifestyles. Using premium materials and trendy designs, Cosabella crafts pieces that elevate the pregnancy wardrobe experience for those who value quality and style in their clothing choices during this special time.

Bravado Designs

Bravado Designs stands out as a leading name in the world of maternity and nursing bras. Bravado Designs isn’t just another maternity and nursing bra brand. They prioritise both comfort and support, with features like wide bands and adjustable straps that adapt to your changing body. Whether you’re looking for everyday comfort or high-impact support, they offer a variety of styles to meet your needs.

Quality is key for Bravado Designs. They use premium, breathable fabrics that feel luxurious and retain their shape over time. Plus, their sizing range is inclusive, ensuring a perfect fit for all moms. Innovation is another focus. Bravado Designs is constantly developing new features like nursing tanks with built-in bras and pumping bras for hands-free milk collection. They even foster a supportive online community for moms, offering resources and advice throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

In conclusion, luxury-loving mothers-to-be now have an array of high-fashion maternity wear options to choose from. High-quality materials and stylish designs ensure that pregnant women can maintain their elegant flair throughout their pregnancy. The fashion industry’s focus on revolutionising maternity wear has led to the availability of chic and trendy clothing for upscale expecting mums. With these luxurious yet comfortable options, expectant mothers can embrace their pregnancy with confidence and style.

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