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Everyone has their definition of what it means to dress classy, but the most important aspect of dressing well is feeling comfortable in your clothes. Because when you feel comfortable, you will feel confident. When it comes to your appearance, confidence is essential. First impressions matter; you want to be remembered as a well-dressed gentleman.

These tips are for anyone who wants to look classy and trendy without spending a fortune. It’s all about using what you have and smart shopping to buy what you actually need rather than what’s on sale. As you may well know, saving money is always a wise decision.

We’re here to make your life easier and to provide you with a bunch of helpful tips for looking classy on a budget. So, it looks like you’ll be paying a visit to your wardrobe to declutter and find out what you’re missing to complete the entire classy image as a man. So, let us look at the top ten fashion tips for men to look classy.

10 Tips on How to Look Classy as a Man

Identify Your Body Type and Find the Right Fit

Let’s start with the basics: you must understand your body type to dress appropriately. We all have unique body types. Some people are taller or shorter than others, and some have larger or smaller torsos than others. Some people have slimmer legs, arms, and waists, while others have wider waists and slimmer legs, arms, and waists. Whatever your body type is, it is essential to understand it and choose the best fit for you.

When your clothes fit properly, you can look more classy since you can perfectly fit your outfit to your body type and show off your most unique features. Clothing that is overly baggy or tight will make you look sloppy and tacky. Yes, that means ditching your skinny jeans; they were stylish once, but they are no longer, and FYI, skinny jeans are no longer the definition of class.

If you are one of the lucky men who can buy clothes off the rack that fit you perfectly, then changing your style to elegance will be a piece of cake. However, some men must tailor their purchases to their body type; yet, we can guarantee you that the effort is well worth it because, in the end, if it fits you properly, it will actually transform your style and allow you to achieve the classy look that you desire. 

Never Say No to a Well-Fitted Suit

If you want to transform your look to a more classy look, a suit is the way to go. The first thing you should know is that fit is a crucial role when it comes to making a suit appear good. 

If you’re buying off-the-rack, look for a good fit across the shoulders because changing the chest and waist is an easy task. Always stick to the best and most practical styles, such as black, two-button, and single-breasted, with subtle details. 

Remember that a suit is a type of uniform that must be ironed and fitted properly. The goal is to think of this outfit as a blank canvas on which to paint numerous personality ideals. 

Accessorizing Correctly Is Quite Important in Your Look

Accessorising correctly is the finishing touch to your outfit. Thus, it is important to make the right decisions if you want to attain a classy style. A decent watch is usually the answer to any final touches to an outfit, and it is ideal to invest in timeless watches because they never go out of style and instantly boost your look once you slide it on your wrist. 

As for belts, any belt with a large branded buckle is a no-no. Instead, opt for a minimal elegant belt that will match every outfit and is of high quality so that the leather does not flake after a few wears. 

Finally, bracelets. They may not be your style, but it is something to think about. You can choose leather bracelets because they are more classy and go with any style. You can also wear beaded bracelets, which are more casual than classy; however, choose dark colours if you prefer them over leather. 

Incorporate Some Colour Into Your Outfit

We usually say that less is more, but you may get a classy look by adding a splash of colour to your outfit. Typically, men are hesitant to wear bright colours and prefer sticking to navy or grey. We’re not suggesting it’s a terrible thing, but colours may also be timeless. A green suit, for example, is an out-of-the-box colour, but if you feel it is too much, you can choose dark colours like burgundy. If a coloured suit is too much for you, opt for coloured shirts, which are a classy wardrobe piece that is always charming to wear.

Invest in a Good Pair of Jeans

A classy wardrobe and appearance are incomplete unless you have the perfect pair of jeans that will last a long time and go with any outfit. ‘Slim-tapered’ is the most versatile cut. It’s wider in the thigh for comfort but narrows at the ankle, so it can be worn with either smart shoes or sneakers. It’s the best all-year-round, go-with-everything, dress-up or down look. The clever, stylish men will also wear dark, raw denim rather than pre-distressed denim. The point of wearing denim is that it will age with you. Why would you turn that down?

When it comes to class, keep your underwear simple

As you want to have a classy look from the outside, you need to have the same amount of classiness from the inside. Yes, we are talking about your underwear; there are two rules that you have to bare in mind, quirky prints aren’t for grown men. And two excessively branded underwear is unappealing. It is best to opt for the cotton boxer shorts, or boxer briefs have stood the test of time, most likely because, like linen, they take repeated washing, breathe well, and are comfortable on your skin. 

Shoes Are Your Best Friend

Let us let you in on a little secret: the first thing ladies notice about a man’s outfit is his shoes. That brings us to the most important classy tip: shoes can make or break an outfit. Having good shoes is essential whether you are wearing a casual or a classy outfit.

High-quality shoes will make your outfit look more put-together and classy. Choosing the right kind of shoes for a particular occasion is also important.

Here are a few tips and tricks for making your outfit more classy:

  • Instead of flip flops, Converse All-Stars, or Crocs, wear clean leather trainers, suede loafers, or boat shoes with casual summer outfits. 
  • Choose brown or black leather boots or brogues for casual winter outfits.
  • It is best to stick to black oxford or derby shoes for formal occasions. Make sure they are clean and shiny!

One final piece of shoe advice is to invest in good shoes even if they cost a fortune because good quality shoes last longer and are more comfortable than any shoes you buy that aren’t good quality and will only last one season. Just know that every penny you put in will help you achieve a good classy style.

Go for the Ideal Eyewear to Compliment Your Features

Remember that you need to look classy from head to toe, which means we have to consider the smallest factors, such as spectacles, which highlight your face. Invest time in finding the best specs for you. Many people develop a dislike for their glasses due to poor selection and fit. Buy what makes you happy, considering your face form and the top line of the frames’ relationship to your eyebrow shape team straight with straight, curved with curved, and your hairdo.

An important tip to remember is that having a classy appearance does not require spending a lot of money; rather, it requires selecting the best items that perfectly fit you, so take the time to try on different specs to know which fit your face and which you will feel like you can wear for a long time and feel comfortable in. 

Choose a Classy Briefcase

A briefcase is an essential item in a man’s wardrobe and a significant step up in class from a backpack. Investing in a stylish one with plenty of room for all of your necessities is critical.

A high-quality briefcase will quickly make you appear more professional and classy. Using it when travelling to work or school can help you stand out among the sea of bags these days. 

 A messenger bag might be useful if you have a lot of things to carry around with you, but if you only carry the essentials, it may be best to invest in a sleek leather briefcase.

The Key to Achieving a Classy Look Is Proper Grooming

Hairstyles can drastically alter your appearance. It is important to match your haircut to your facial features. You must also pick a haircut that will complement your work environment. Extreme hairstyles such as mohawks, coloured hair, and cornrows should be avoided if you wish to appear classy. Choose a traditional haircut that will make you look both professional and classy.

This may sound obvious, but it is essential to invest in fitting grooming. You will never look classy if you are not clean and well-dressed.

You don’t want to appear to have gotten out of bed and gone directly to work or school. It is important to present yourself as a proper gentleman. A decent grooming practice will help boost your confidence. When you are confident, it shows in how you carry yourself. Remember to groom yourself on a daily basis rather than only on special occasions. To achieve the classy look you desire. 

Important Questions With All the Answers You Need to Achieve the Desired Classy Look

You may find yourself in a style spiral or have questions about transitioning your style to a classy one, and today is your lucky day because we will address all of them. Let us take a look at some of the questions you might have. 

How do I know when to dress casual or formal?

Dressing for a specific event requires paying attention to details and dressing what perfectly works for your body shape. Here are a few tips to make your life easier and fewer choices. 

  • When attending a job interview, it is preferable to overdress rather than underdress.
  • Make an effort to dress formally for an important meeting. However, the dress code may be a bit casual if you are attending a less formal business event, such as a socialising event or conference.
  • Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfy for a smart casual dinner date or social event. Denim jeans can also be worn if they fit well.
  • If you are not sure about the appropriate dress code, consider this tip: it is better to wear formal and not wear formal enough. 
  • A navy blue blazer is versatile. Dress it up or down to achieve a classy or casual look.

What are the main pieces that every man needs in their wardrobe?

  • A suit that can be altered to fit any occasion.
  • Matching ties or bowties for various events, depending on the style you want to achieve.
  • A pair of well-polished dress shoes or wing-tip oxfords, depending on the style you want to achieve for different occasions.
  • Dress trousers in various colours, patterns and fabrics to suit your personality, body type and budget.
  • Matching socks to go with your favourite shoes and accessories.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, dressing classy is not difficult or expensive; it is all about a few ideas and methods and adjusting a few things in your style. If you follow these ten tips, you will undoubtedly appear more put together and, of course, classy. Just remember that it is fine to take your time getting ready in order to create the classy look you seek.

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