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With summer right around the corner, we can only think of one thing: swimwear. Of course, there are a lot of options, but choosing a decent luxury swimsuit brand will be a piece of cake, and by luxury, we don’t mean paying a fortune; we mean paying for good quality that will last you all year. 

Every year, a new swimsuit trend comes to light, and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered since we’ll tell you everything you need to know to look your best while sunbathing. After deciding on the best luxury swimsuit brand to wear this summer, all that remains is to choose which beach bag to bring and whether to match your sliders to your new swimwear. 

First, we’ll go over some tips and tricks to help you decide what kind of swimsuits to buy, and then we’ll go through the top twenty finest luxury swimsuit brands to consider this summer. We guarantee you’ll turn heads on the beach in any of the luxury swimsuit brands we’ll explore today.

Picking the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Next Summer Vacation

When buying a new swimsuit, it makes sense to pick one that is right for your body type and complements your shape. However, you must stay up-to-date with the latest trend and here are eleven luxury beachwear trends that look fantastic on most women that you should look out for on your next shopping trip. 

  • Anything with an asymmetrical design, such as one-shoulder strapped swimsuits, is hot right now.
  • This may sound strange, but metallic and high-sheen materials swimsuits are the way to go this summer.
  • Simple in the front and party in the back, such as with fascinating back embellishments like lace-up swimsuit designs.
  • Any stretchy fabric, such as the seersucker designs of Hunza G, a British sustainable swimwear brand.
  • The 50s called back, telling us their style is here to say because retro designs are all the talk this summer. Like, 50s style underwired bikini tops and 70s style prints from Emilio Pucci and Missoni.
  • As for the colours, stick to pastel colours, like lilac and pink. 
  • This summer is all about the details, especially waist ties and bows.
  • Which neckline to go for? Definitely Square neck designs.
  • If you had to choose between regular waist and high waist bikinis, go for high waist bikinis and swimsuits because they are hot this year.
  • Do you want to be incredibly trendy? Without hesitation, opt for midriff cut-outs.
  • We care about the environment, which means using sustainable swimsuit fabrics produced from recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets, and carpets.

That is all there is to the current trend. Another thing to think about is if you’ll be sunbathing or swimming. Swimmers should choose styles that are both functional and comfortable. Racerbacks swimsuits and other athletic styles with adjustable straps are ideal. If you use swimming pools frequently, chlorine-resistant fabric is a must.

The Top 20 Luxury Swimsuit Brands

All of these luxury swimwear brand designs, whether one-piece or bikini, are made of high-quality fabric and have a gorgeous fit. Finding the ideal swimsuit will help you get the most out of your holiday. Here are our favourite luxury swimsuit brands you will rock all summer long.


Pucci is a luxury swimsuit brand well known for their psychedelic swirling patterns from the 60s and 70s, which are still popular today. Emilio Pucci, Marquis of Barsento, an Italian designer, established the legendary luxury label in the 1940s. Pucci was the first fashion house to produce a one-piece ski suit, and the company eventually expanded into premium swimsuits, bikinis and beachwear. Pucci is well-known for its mastery of print. So, if you’re seeking a swimsuit with a stunning print, Pucci is your best bet. 

Melissa Odabash

Melissa Odabash, the Ferrari of the bikini world. Melissa Odabash’s unique nickname was given to them by British Vogue after their release in 1999, and they have been shaking up the luxury swimwear sector ever since. Melissa Odabash, well-known for her stunning swimwear, founded the company in the United States. Following a successful career as a swimsuit model, Melissa began developing bikinis and beachwear.

The luxury swimsuit brand is known for its statement style of crochet resort wear and swimsuits manufactured from Italian fabric. The company is presently headquartered in London, UK, and its products are sold in over fifty countries globally.

So, what’s trending from Melissa Odabash’s collection? With its one-shoulder style and beautiful metallic gold colour, the Palermo Ribbed Gold Swimsuit is all the rage right now. If you prefer something more subtle, the Tulum Grommet Lace-Up One-Piece Swimsuit features a lovely lace-up eyelet accent on the bodice.

Louisa Ballou

Louisa Ballou is a womenswear brand that takes an unusual approach to resort wear, creating stylish and covetable luxury items that transcend the beach. Louisa Ballou’s distinctive pieces combine vibrant surf-inspired motifs with trendy cuts and asymmetrical shapes. If you want a cool swimsuit with interesting cut-outs, Louisa Ballou is the luxury swimsuit brand for you.


Suboo is a luxury swimwear company that began as a resort brand in 2007 but has since expanded to provide more transeasonal Ready To Wear, Resortwear, Swimwear, and Evening Wear. Suboo is an Australian brand known for its sophisticated apparel that combines one-of-a-kind trends with high-quality fabrics. If you believe they only have surf suits, you’re mistaken. They have many more gorgeous swimsuits that you may wear on your next summer vacation, and if you’re shopping for surf suits, you’ll definitely discover some fantastic ones. 

Johanna Ortiz

Johanna Ortiz is a luxury swimsuit brand that screams elegance. Johanna Ortiz, a Colombian designer, launched her luxury eveningwear and swimwear company in 2003; the rest is history. Most designs are inspired by the strength of the feminine and Colombian sceneries. Each piece stands out, from whimsical features like ruffles combined with clean lines for an effortlessly elegant style to colourful botanical prints to animal and moon motifs. A swimsuit that you will not want to take off once you put it on. 

Christopher Esber

Christopher Esber, an Australian designer, gifted our world with the luxury swimsuit brand Christopher Esber in 2010. His savvy approach to merging conventional techniques and constructing a modest manner for cut-out-clad designs was the key to every design he created. In other words, while Christopher Esber is well-known for his spectacular cut-out dresses and avant-garde designs in the realm of ready-to-wear, he also applies his creative skills to swimwear. Bikinis don’t get any cooler than this because if you get your hands on Christoper Esber swimwear, you’ll stand out from the crowd on your summer vacation. 


A Zimmerman design can be identified from a long distance. A luxury swimsuit brand Founded in 1991 by Australian sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann. The youthful label keeps committed to its initial vision: refined femininity, bold silhouettes, clever colour combinations, and delicate original prints. They quickly established a large and dedicated following of stylish, sartorial-savvy ladies with an eye for excellent fabrics and innovative cutting. The designs have fascinating elements like self-tie scarves and removable belts that will flatter all figures. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Zimmerman swimsuit. 

Kenny Flowers

Kenny Flowers is a luxury swimsuit brand that stands out from the crowd with its exciting and colourful swimwear for him and her. It offers Instagram-friendly swimwear like the South Beach Reversible Aqua One Piece, which was inspired by Kenny and Christina’s travels throughout the world. You may not be familiar with this technology, but the fabric used in the majority of their designs is super-soft SPF30+ with anti-chlorine and salt-resistant technology.

Men will love the Fronds with Benefits Swim Trunks, which are super-soft, and include an inner pocket and an elastic waistband with drawstring closure. They are produced in Colombia. So, if you’re going on a couples’ vacation and want to match with your significant other, Kenny Flowers’ swimming suit collection will certainly have something for both of you.

Isa Boulder

Isa Boulder swimwear has an instantly recognisable satiny feel and gorgeous ruching embellishments, making it the most stylish thing you can slip into for a trip to the beach. Balinese Isa Boulder ensures that most of her designs respect individuality and personal style,’ with an emphasis on construction and support, so whatever you wear from her designs will feel like it was specially made for you. We can confidently assure you that wearing a luxury swimwear brand like Isa Boulder designs will have you walking on the beach with confidence.


Elizabeth Sauvage, a San Diego native, and her partner Simon founded the luxury swimwear brand Sauvage. What most people like about Sauvage swimwear is that the collections are offered separately, making it easy to match the proper top and bottom. The luxury brand’s second best feature is that they provide Cover-ups, sarongs, tunics, dresses, shoes, and other accessories that enable your fashionista side to customise their beach outfits. Every piece is one-of-a-kind, and the designs are anything but average. A woman wearing a Sauvage suit will undoubtedly stand out on the beach. Finally, all of their designs are manufactured in the United States.

La DoubleJ

La DoubleJ started with vintage clothing and jewellery in 2015, then extended to home design and new clothing while preserving the vintage touch by using vintage-inspired patterns, and they have since blessed us with swimwear designs. La DoubleJ, a Milanese company, is recognised for its eye-catching collection of bright rash guards, beach cover-ups, bikinis and swimsuits, so you’ll definitely stand out!

Nensi Dojaka

Nensi Dojaka is new to the swimwear scene; it’s their first summer season; however, their designs are known for their slinky runway pieces finished with cut-outs and barely there straps. If you’ve always wanted similar designs, but in a bikini, your dream has been granted because the same design approach is now available in the swimwear department. So, treat yourself to luxury runway swimwear and head to the beach in style.

Vix Paula Hermany

A luxury brand founded in 1998 by designer Paula Hermany. ViX’s gorgeous collection of resort wear for ladies contains some of today’s most innovative takes on beach fashion. The swimwear collection shines, with super-hot tortoiseshell detailing and cutting-edge materials like resin, emphasising ViX’s signature leather and gold accessories. ViX designs include a selection of flowing beach cover-ups and dresses, sarongs, headgear, purses, and shoes suited for both the pool and the beach. Know that you can confidentially wear Vix from head to toe on your next summer vacation. 

Lisa Marie Fernandez

Lisa Marie Fernandez is a luxury swimwear brand founded in 2009 in New York by Lisa Marie Fernandez. This American luxury clothing business pioneered the use of novel fibres for swimwear, including neoprene and terry towelling, and its current collection includes destination and activewear. Two of the most popular designs are the Mira Flounce Bikini and the silver Jasmine Maillot bikini with its signature scuba-inspired zip. High-waisted bikinis with contrasting buttons are really popular this summer.


Of course, Chanel is a luxury brand that doesn’t require much explanation because the designs speak for themselves. Chanel swimsuits have always been popular among fashionistas and celebrities. Still, they have gained even more fame this summer due to their last catwalk show, which included 90s-inspired styles. If you can’t decide between two designs, go for bright colours and the iconic Chanel logo.

Oye Swimwear

The luxury swimwear brand OYE, which actually stands for Open Your Eyes, was founded by twin sisters and Istanbul residents Ayca and Zeynep Sadikoglu, who began creating swimwear for themselves, only to have it spread like a blaze among friends and strangers alike. In 2007, they established their atelier, which specialises in producing beautiful, high-quality swimsuits with an international flair, reflecting their own experiences. Their sophisticated designs are entirely handcrafted in Istanbul. From ruched one-piece swimsuits with exposed sides to criss-cross bikinis, these pieces will easily take you from the beach to the bar.


Oséree is a luxury swimwear brand launched in 2015 by Jannine Vinci and Isabella Cavallin. The word “oser” means “to dare” in French. This swimsuit label’s designs are daring and sexy, blending bold colour palettes with lace detailing, sequins, and metallic accents. The company’s dazzling swimwear and funky patterns are popular on the fashion scene.


LoveShackFancy is a luxury swimsuit brand recognised for its vintage-inspired designs. Of course, you can’t forget about their pastel and flowery designs. Rebecca Hessel Cohen and her team have created an eye-catching collection that many people adore. You can get two looks for the price of one with the LoveShackFancy x Hurley Reversible Triangle Bikini Top. If you want to protect your skin, a Long Sleeve Crop Rashguard is an excellent choice. This contemporary take on a traditional surf suit has a cropped hem and long sleeves.

La Perla

La Perla, founded by German entrepreneur Lars Windhorst, has been blessing our lives since the 1940s, and they are known for their luxury lingerie and, more recently, swimwear. They are well-known in the fashion industry for their excellent taste, creative designs, and, of course, high quality. Every fashionista prefers to wear La Perla swimwear. So, if you want both design and quality, La Perla is the way to go.


Matteau is a luxury swimwear brand whose name translates as “matt” (not shiny) and “Eau,” the French word for water. Matteau is your go-to brand for minimal swimsuit styles since Matteau is the name to know when it comes to the top attractive minimal swimsuits. The Australian brand is known for its clean lines and timeless designs, yet it also incorporates current trends.

Last Words on Luxury Swimwear Brands

The most recent swimwear trends have a feminine edge and stylish patterns. Whether you prefer bright colours or neutral tones, these beach essentials are a must, and you can be sure that you will find something that fits you exactly among the luxury swimwear brands mentioned. Just keep in mind that these luxury swimwear brands provide distinct designs and high-quality materials. We hope you enjoyed learning about these luxury brands; tell us which luxury brand you will choose.

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