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While many people enjoy just chilling in front of the TV watching Netflix, others relax in a more active way, snowboarding! Snowboard brands helped snowboarding to long gain recognition, captivating more and more people.

The first truly powerful popularisation of the equipment and the discipline as a whole occurred in 1988 when the first World Snowboarding Championship was held. It seemed that there was nothing more to look forward to, but ten years later, in 1998, snowboarding joined the Olympic cycle, enthralling audiences with its spectacle, curiosity and exhilaration.

If you are a snowboarding fan, you must have been thinking about buying your own snowboard to save up and enjoy your favourite sport. However, there are many options to choose from; it can be difficult to settle on which snowboard brand makes the best snowboards and which ones are not worth the money.

To help you make your decision, here is our list of the best snowboard brands recently to take your pick.

Burton Snowboards

Burton is undoubtedly the most famous brand when it comes to the best snowboard brands. You can’t go through a list of the best snowboard brands without coming across Burton! Burton has been around since 1977, earning the company the title of being a pioneer in the industry.

With such a long history comes an impressive experience in very much every aspect to look for when thinking of a snowboard; innovative graphics, cutting-edge technology, and some seriously eye-catching designs! Burton has a repertoire of the most advanced range of superb snowboards.

It is no wonder that Burton always makes it to the list of best snowboard brands every year! The company, based in Vermont, has been the go-to brand for many of the best riders in the world, like Mark McMorris, Shaun White, Kelly Clark, and many others.

Diversity is another one of Burton’s strong points. The manufacturers address complete and advanced ranges to every type of rider: snowboard for men, women, and children. In the same way, whether you are a beginner or not, Burton knows how to meet all your needs to guarantee a successful snowboarding experience. The site offers the possibility to buy boards, bindings, spare parts and accessories.

Lib Tech Snowboards

Building on 30 years of experience, Lib Tech is another household name among the best snowboard brands. The company has distinguished products that make riders’ dreams come true.

Perhaps one of Lib Tech’s best success secrets would be the company’s continuous innovation; every year, there are new shapes, contours, flexes, and many other products!

Lib Technologies, more widely known as Lib Tech, has been gaining more and more followers for several years, thanks partly to its completely different approach to the world of riding. Backed by engineers who are committed to doing the right thing, Lib Tech develops unique snowboard models based on concepts such as Magne-traction and “Banana Technology”.

These technologies are precisely detailed for each product, allowing further selection criteria according to how you will use it and even your level. For example, the Magne-traction consists of optimising the board’s pressure points to obtain a better weight distribution and, consequently, better control of your snowboard. This can be useful in freestyle, where good movement management is required to perform tricks.

In addition, the manufacturing process is controlled and uses environmentally friendly materials, guaranteeing the brand’s quality and reliability. The prices are reasonable, given the quality of the equipment.


The Arbor brand is in third place on the podium, which is a very noble ranking for one of the best snowboard brands! The brand was founded in 1995 and is committed to the environment, craftsmanship and quality. The models are manufactured intelligently, taking into account the requirements set by the riders.

Arbor snowboards have a perfect glide, thanks to high-quality materials. Of all its ranges, Arbor offers unisex snowboards that suit all body types while maintaining undisputed performance. In addition, the Arbor website provides all the necessary information explaining what type of riding each board is designed for and the type of snow it can handle.

Each technical sheet will help you and constitute elements of choice for your snowboard. It is possible to buy snowboards and bindings separately, but you can also buy a pack if you want to have the whole equipment.


The best snowboard brand with a unique French touch! Salomon was founded in 1947 in the French Alps, France. The brand is world-class, thanks to its history. Starting from the city of Annecy, Salomon has conquered the hearts of the greatest riders by expanding its horizons to the rest of the world. Innovative technologies and great passion for handcrafted sports equipment have enabled this brand to develop advanced and efficient models.

These are essentially designed based on all-mountain, which allows versatility for any rider who wants to experiment or even challenge himself! As you can see, Salomon caters for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a snowboarding enthusiast.

On the site, there is a top-of-the-range model for women, men, and children as well. Moreover, your product comes with at least a two-year guarantee because a board is a real investment in your comfort!


Nitro was founded in Seattle in 1990, which is relatively recent compared to the previous brands. Nevertheless, the quality of its products earned the company its rightful place in the list of best snowboard brands! The snowboards offered by Nitro were designed by real snowboarders: Tommy Delago and Sepp Ardelt. As a result, Nitro’s commitment to quality is very high.

Like the previous shops, Nitro’s advantage lies in its diversity; you will find boards for all genders, ages, levels, and different body types on the site! In addition, you can order a pack including board and bindings to be sure you don’t have to compose your equipment from scratch.

In any case, the product sheets of each board indicate the most compatible bindings. Another interesting point to note is the design of the snowboards that comes with graphics that are sometimes childish and other times from the 80s with neon styles. As far as budget is concerned, Nitro offers a wide range of boards at reasonable prices.

K2 logo

K2 is one of the best snowboard brands out there. Its authentic style is not lacking; neither is its quality: K2 snowboards can slide as well in powder as in the air, with a very varied freestyle range!

For each snowboard, the K2 website specifies the technology used, the characteristics of the board, and especially its shape. This is what gives the board its special dynamics and control. These details will help you choose the board according to your practice, and if you can’t decide which snowboard would suit you best despite these details, you should know that the site has a form to contact customer service.

Efficient and secure, this form communicates directly and concisely all your requests, whether they are about a board or the services offered by K2. Speaking of services, the K2 brand provides a 3-year warranty for each board!


Driven by values of authenticity, Jones seems to emphasise the trust between the brand and its customers. This is reflected in the three-year warranty and the impressive durability of the boards.

Jones products are manufactured in a way by which the carbon footprint and overall effect on the environment are as low as possible without affecting the quality and diversity of the products! The technologies applied to the boards are communicated on the website, and some of them are based on materials such as fibreglass, for example.

As far as prices are concerned, the Jones website offers boards that are included in a wide range of prices.


Bataleon is in our selection of the best snowboard brands for many reasons, and the designs are one of them. While it is not directly related to comfort and performance, it is obvious that design contributes significantly to feeling good on your board and helping you express yourself on the slopes!

So, whether you are an all-mountain, free-ride or even split-board rider, you can show off your taste. Bataleon’s new men’s snowboard collection includes several new models, all with one thing in common: 3BT technology. This technology makes the board more tolerant and resistant to potential mishaps.

Instead of the board being completely flat, the sole is curved under both ends. This technology is particularly effective and does not directly affect the price.


Here is a world leader recognised by all in the field of snow sports! Although Rossignol has been making ski equipment since 1907, its snowboard production began in 1987. Fortunately, its long history and reliability in ski equipment have enabled it to get off to a good start and rapidly become one of the best snowboard brands in the world. However, the French snowboard brand Rossignol designs and manufactures equipment worthy of the greatest athletes!

As a result, the brand has had the privilege of seeing riders win medals with its unique equipment, which adds value to Rossignol products. As one of the best snowboard brands, Rossignol offers its boards at highly affordable prices! However, prices vary depending on the discipline.

Another advantage that everyone agrees on when talking about Rossignol is its children’s range.


From its full name Ride Snowboard Company, this brand dedicated solely to snowboarding has, for principal innovation and surpassing oneself, encouraging riders to opt for sophisticated equipment. In other words, for Ride, nothing is impossible with a good snowboard!

This philosophy is reflected in products with Slimewalls technology, for example. This technology aims to make the board more flexible and resistant to absorb stiffness and improve the rider’s stability. This is an exciting point to practise freestyle snowboarding! In fact, the stability is pleasant in every way, especially for all-mountain snowboarding.

The list of advantages is long, but it doesn’t end here. Indeed, Ride presents a commitment to the environment, which results in ethical and ecological practices! And while more and more brands are going biodegradable, Ride seems to be going all the way with minimalist materials and even packaging!


Because ten brands can’t possibly include all the best in the field, let’s extend this top to three more brands, if you don’t mind. For the eleventh brand, let’s make room for one of the snowboard brands that is unmatched in many ways: GNU. First of all, we must acknowledge its audacity: created in 1977, GNU is a pioneer in deep-side cutting. The boards are handmade by riders, communicating the brand’s passion for snow.

The graphics are also unique, which is not unpleasant. GNU is known for its open-mindedness, which can be seen in its experimentation with design and technology. GNU’s snowboards are progressive, and in that sense, they encourage better performance.


Capita is in our selection of the best snowboard brands for its efficiency and durability. Although it is a relatively new brand, having been founded 16 years ago, Capita has created a movement around it from scratch. From a simple, artisanal snowboard manufacturer, the brand has become one of the best snowboard brands. It has maintained user-friendliness and authenticity with a respectful, handmade construction process.

Capita’s engineers have used the experience of riders to design more stable models. Control of the board being a critical point in this sport, Capita products are also optimised so that every turn is perfectly controlled! These snowboards are therefore aimed at beginners but also experienced snowboarders. As for Capita’s prices, well, the brand’s snowboard’s performance justifies their price.


Perhaps there is no better option to end our list of the best snowboard brands with than Nidecker. Originally specialising in skiing since 1912, this Swiss snowboard brand began developing snowboard ranges in 1984. Following the example of Rossignol, Nidecker has applied its expertise to boards to create practical and beautifully designed models. Nidecker’s know-how meets modernity, resulting in a quality that is clearly worthy of one of the best snowboard brands.

In addition, the brand is also known for its sometimes-special shapes, made to meet free-riding needs, for example. Nidecker considers all possible riders by offering ranges for men, women and children. Levels are also taken into account, and the materials, shapes and curvature of the board are considered, depending on whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an expert rider.

These were only a few of the best snowboard brands in the world. With the continuous growth of snowboarding’s popularity, we are bound to see many more manufacturers come into the scene with luxury designs, taking their place among the best snowboard brands.

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